Kopimism, Sex, and Morals

Christian Engström, Pirat

(This is a continuation of the Kopimist Creation Myth, which is also available in Swedish)

Religion critic Richard Dawkins has made a three-part television series called Sex, Death, and the Meaning of Life. The first episode focuses on sex.

Dawkins notes that most of the major religions have very strong views on how people manage their sex life, but that these views are from the bronze age. Today, they quite unnecessarily make people feel shame just because they are people, and at worst provide the foundation for harassment against anyone falling outside the most narrow heteronormative lifestyle.

As a Kopimist, I can only agree with what Dawkins says in this program. He shows with statistics how the persistent propaganda against for example masturbation by the Christian churches has had no effect whatsoever on how much Christians and non-Christians actually masturbate. Those numbers were identical according to the…

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