Kopimism: The Laws of Nature Just Set the Stage

Christian Engström, Pirat

(This is a continuation of the Kopimist Creation Myth, which is also available in Swedish)

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that the laws of nature are just depressing when you read them. We do, after all, call them “laws”, and laws tend to be rather depressing and miss out on all of the fun.

If you had never been to a pub but had read all the laws that regulate it, you would probably not feel very keen to visit one. You would have read pages and pages of legal laws to deal with drunkenness, disorderly behavior, fistfights, food poisoning, and watered-down beer. If this was the whole truth about an evening over drinks together with friends, you would do well to avoid it.

But of course, the laws that regulate a night at the pub don’t tell the whole truth. They set out the restrictions that the…

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