Christian Engström, Pirat

Dr. Patrick Breyer is the group leader for the Pirate Party in the regional parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. He is also a juris doctor, who wrote his thesis on the subject of data retention, and one of Germany’s leading experts on the subject.

In April this year, acting as a private citizen before he was elected, he made a complaint against the EU Commission because the Commission had refused to give access to documents in a court case about the Data Retention Directive and its implementation (Az. T-188/12).

The latest move in the still ongoing court battle between Dr. Breyer and the Commission over transparency, is that the Commission has demanded that Dr. Breyer removes from the internet both his own complaint  (pdf, cached) and the Commission’s answer to him (pdf, cached). Dr. Breyer of course refuses to do so.

I find it very…

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