Christian Engström, Pirat

Next week, the European Parliament will be voting on the dossier Certain permitted uses of orphan Works (2011/,(COD)). It deals with the issue of books, articles, music, pictures, films etc. where the author or rightsholder cannot be identified or found. These are called orphan works in the terminology of copyright lawyers.

Libraries, museums, archives, and public broadcasters have a lot of them in their archives, but because they are still under copyright they are effectively locked into those archives, since they cannot be made public legally.

About a year ago the European Commission presented a long-awaited proposal for a directive to remedy this situation.

As is often the case in the EU, the proposal from the Commission, which was very limited to start with, has now been watered down even further during its journey through the parliamentary committees, and the negotiations between the EU institutions.

More or less…

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